Healthy Snacks for Salon and Spa Professionals

Snacking is a part of life—especially for those of us who live our lives on-the-go. Stop reaching for the high calorie, low nutrient candy bar or bag of chips. Instead, try these snacks to help ...


Best Celebrity Hair Transformations This Year

Latest Hair Transformations Recently, there has been a slew of celebrities heading to the salon to drastically change their hair color or cut. Milan Akerman pulled a Miley with her transformation, going from flowing waves ...


A Look at the U.S Open’s Awesome Pop Up Salon

Anna Wintour Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Recently, you can’t scroll through Facebook without seeing at least 3 ALS Ice Bucket Challenges. However, one particular one caught our eye. Anna Wintour, Editor and Chief ...


How to Have an Effective One-On-One Meeting

  Do you ever feel that your employees seem out of touch? Are they disconnected? Do they sometimes seem distant or abrasive? While there may be a myriad of reasons why this may be happening, ...


Salons Seeing Rise in Male Hair Extensions

Salons Seeing Rise in Male Hair Extensions In the UK, salons are starting to see a dramatic increase in the amount of men requesting micro bond extensions. Hair extensions are predominately requested by women, so why ...


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